Database Interview Questions and Answers

151. An indexing operation

A. sorts a file using a single key
B. sorts file using two keys
C. establishes an index for a file
D. both (b) and (c)
Ans: C

152. The on-line, softcopy display a customer's charge account to respond to an inquiry is an examples of a

A. forecasting report
B. exception report
C. regularly scheduled report
D. on demand report
Ans: D

153. In SQL, which command(s) is(are) used to create a synonym for a schema object?

C. CREATE SAME                        D. All of the above 
Ans: B

154. If you want your database to include methods, you should use a _____ database.

A. Network                                 B. Distributed
C. Hierarchical                             D. Object-Oriented
Ans: D

155. In SQL, which of the following is not a data Manipulation Language Commands?

A.DELETE                                 B. SELECT
C. UPDATE                                D.CREATE
Ans: D

156. Which of the following is not characteristic of a relational database model?

A. tables                                                              B. treelike structure
C. complex logical relationships                            D. records
Ans: B

157. A computer file contains several records. What does each record contain?

A. Bytes                                                             B. Words
C. Fields                                                             D. Database
Ans: C

158. In SQL, the CREATE VIEW command is used

A. to recompile view
B. to define a view of one or more tables or views
C. to recompile a table
D. to create a trigger
Ans: B

159. A ____ Contains the smallest unit of meaningful data, so you might call it the basic building block for a data file.

A. File structure                                             B. Records
C. Fields                                                        D. Database
Ans: C

160. In the DBM approach, application programs perform the

A. storage function                                      B. processing functions
C. access control                                        D. All of the above
Ans: B

161. In SQL, which command is used to create a database user?

A.ADD USER TO DATABASE                          B. MK USER
C. CREATE USER                                              D. All of the above
Ans: C

162. When performing a look-up operation using a form

A. you enter the search value into the form
B. you look at each form sequentially until you see the one you want
C. you type the key in an entry line, and the correct form is displayed
D. All of the above
Ans: A

163. A _____ means that one record in a particular record type is related to only one record of another record type.

A. One-to-one relationship
B. One-to-many relationship
C. Many-to-one relationship
D. Many-to-many relationship
Ans: A

164. A _____ database does not use pointers or physical links, but instead finds related records by examining the contents of fields.

A. Network                                          B. Hierarchical
C. Relational                                         D. Object-Oriented
Ans: C

165. In SQL, which command(s) is(are) used to redefine an index's future storage allocation

A.ALTER INDEX                              B. REDEFINE INDEX
C. MODIFY INDEX                         D. DO INDEX
Ans: A

166. Which of the following is a serious problem of file management systems?

A. difficult to update
B. lack of data independence
C. data redundancy
D. program dependence
E. All of the above
Ans: E

167. With respect to data input, the most accurate description of batch control is

A. dividing documents to be entered into batches
B. controlling the input of each input clerk comparing to a pre-calculated figure the total of a data item summed across a batch records
C. put into the system
D. All of the above
Ans: C

168. The model for a _____ resembles the hierarchical model in many respects.

A. Network database
B. Relational database
C. Distributed database
D. Hierarchical database
Ans: A

169. A set of programs that handle a firm's data base responsibilities is called a

A. Data Base Management System (DBMS)
B. Data Base Processing System (DBPS)
C. Data Management System (DMS)
D. All of the above
Ans: D


170. Long-range planning report produced in an MIS are primarily designed for

A. top management
B. middle management
C. lower management
D. All of the above
Ans: A

171. The model for a record management system might be

A. handwritten list                                 B. a Rolodex card file
C. a business form                                D. All of the above
Ans: D

172. Which of the following contains a complete record of all activity that affected the contents of a database during a certain period of time?

A. report writer                                                 B. query language
C. data manipulation language                            D. transaction log
Ans: D

173. Two files may be joined into a third file if

A. they have a row in common
B. they have a field in common
C. they have no records with the same value in the common field
D. both (b) and (c)
Ans: B

174. Characteristic(s) of a distributed MIS structure is

A.  interactive sharing of the workload
B. a multiprocessing environment
C. computers supporting local DP operations
D. All of the above
Ans: D

175. The data-base environment has all of the following components except:

A. users                                            B. separate files
C. data base                                     D. data-base administrator
Ans: B

176. The way a particular application views the data from the data base that the application uses is

A. module                                     B. relational model
C. schema                                    D. subschema
Ans: D

177. A compound key

A. is made up a several pieces of information
B. uniquely identifies an item in a list
C. both (a) and (b)
D. is a combination of each unique key
Ans: C

178. The distinguishable parts of a record are called

A. files                                                                B. data
C. fields                                                              D. database
Ans: C

179. Large collections of files are called

A. fields                                                         B. records
C. databases                                                  D. file system
Ans: C

180. The index consists of

A. a list of keys
B. pointers to the master list
C. both (a) and (b)
D. All of the above
Ans: C

181. In SQL, which command is used to select data in rows and column from one or more tables?

A.CHOOSE                                       B. SELECT
C. LIST                                              D.BROWSE
Ans: B

182. A scheme describes

A. data elements
B. records and files
C. record relationships
D. All of the above
Ans: D

183. If you want to organize a file in multiple ways, it is better to _____ the data rather than to sort it

A. Delete                                     B. Update
C. Sort Key                                 D .Index
Ans: D

184. The modify operation is likely to be done after

A. Delete                                    B. Look-up
C. Insert                                     D. All of the above
Ans: B

185. One data dictionary software package is called

A.DB/DC dictionary                           B. TOTAL
C. ACCESS                                       D. any of the above
Ans: A

186. One approach to standardizing storing of data

B. structured programming
C. CODASYL specifications
D. All of the above
Ans: C

187. What software packages are commonly used for businesses that have to track extensive lists of clients and inventory?

A. Special purpose packages
B. Custom made programs
C. Single function application packages
D. Data management packages
Ans: D

188. A multiple-form file management system

A. lets you define different forms for different operations lets you create a look-up form with an associated read-only password to prevent access by
B. unauthorized users
C. both (a) and (b)
D. allow you to entry data in all the forms
Ans: C

189. The term _____ is sometimes used to refer to a data file in which all the records have the same record format, that is, the same field names, field lengths, and data types.

A. Database                                                 B. Table
C. Flat file                                                    D. Data structure
Ans: C

190. A _____ Contains fields of data about one entity.

A. Record                                                B. File
C. Fields                                                  D. Document
Ans: A

191. A condition that led to the development of databases was

A. a demand for more data to support information needs
B. an increase in the amount of data handled by organizations
C. the proliferation of data files
D. All of the above .
Ans: D

192. The _____ command is used to allocates an extent for the table in SQL

Ans: A

193. Embedded pointer provide

A. a secondary access path
B. a physical record key
C. an inverted index
D. All of the above
Ans: A

194. Which of the following is a type of DBMS software?

A. database manipulation language
B. query language
C. utilities
D. report writer
Ans: A

195. Data items grouped together for storage purposes are called a

A. record                                               B. title
C. list                                                     D. string
Ans: A

196. The activity of a file

A. is a low percentages of number of records added or deleted from a file
B. if high, reduces processing efficiency for sequential and non sequential files
C. is a measure of the percentage of existing records updated during a run
D. refers to how closely the files fits into the allocated
Ans: A

197. Versatile report generators can provide

A. Columnar totals                                                          B. Subtotals
C. Calculations                                                                D. All of the above
Ans: D

198. Related fields in a data base are grouped to form

A. data file                                                                   B. data record
C. menu                                                                       D. bank
Ans: B

199. A _____ means that one record in a particular record type can be related to many records in another record type and vice-versa.

A. One-to-one relationship
B. One-to-many relationship
C. Many-to-one relationship
D. Many-to-many relationship
Ans: D

200. In SQL, the _____ command is used to recompile a view

A.COMPILE VIEW                                                B. DEFINE VIEW
C. CREATE VIEW                                                  D.ALTER VIEW
Ans: D

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