Database Interview Questions and Answers

1. The relational database environment has all of the following components except

A.   users                                              B. separate files
C. database                                          D. query languages
Ans:  B

2. One approach to standardization storing of data?

A. MIS                                                 B. structured programming
C. CODASYL specification                  D. none of the above
Ans: C

3. The language used application programs to request data from the DBMS is referred to as the

A. DML                                              B. DDL
C. query language                                D. any of the above
Ans:  A

4. A report generator is used to

A. update files                          B. print files on paper
C.  data entry                           D. All of the above
Ans: B

5.  Which of the following is not a logical data-base structure?

A. tree                                      B. relational
C. network                               D. chain
Ans: D

6. Which of the following is a database administrator's function?

A. database design                          B. backing up the database
C.   performance monitoring            D. user coordination
E. All of the above
Ans: E

7. . Primitive operations common to all record management systems include

A. Print                                         B. Sort
C. Look-up                                  D. All of the above
Ans: C

8. What Are The Different Views To Display A Table

A. Datasheet View                               B. Design View
C. Pivot Table & Pivot Chart View       D. All Of Above
Ans: D

9. Which Of The Following Creates A Drop Down List Of Values To Choose From?

A. Ole Object                                           B. Hyperlink
C. Memo                                                  D. Lookup Wizard
Ans: D

10.  The Command Center Of Access File That Appears When You Create Or Open The Ms Access Database File.

A. Database Window                              B. Query Window
C. Design View Window                         D. Switchboard
Ans: A

11.  The Third Stage In Designing A Database Is When We Analyze Our Tables More Closely And Create A ___________ Between Tables

A. Relationship                                     B. Join
C. Query                                              D. None Of These
Ans: A

12. In a Database Table, The Category Of Information Is Called __________

A. Tuple                                             B. Field
C. Record                                          D. All Of Above
Ans: B

13. In SQL, the command(s) is (are) used to create an index for a table or cluster

C. SET INDEX TO FILE          D. All of the above
Ans: A

14. . There are certain packages that allow people to define data items, place these items in particular records, combine the records into designated files and then manipulate and retrieve the stored data. What are they called?

A. Data storage system                    B. Database management system (DBMS)
C. Batch processing system             D. Data communication package

Ans: B

15.  A _____ DBMS distributes data processing tasks between the workstation and a network server.

A. Network                                   B. Relational
C. Client Server                             D. Hierarchical
Ans: C

16. . Information can be transferred between the DBMS and a

A. spreadsheet program                       B. word processor program
C. graphics program                             D. All of the above 

Ans: D

17. Choose the RDBMS which supports full fledged client server application development

A. dBase V                                             B. Oracle 7.1
C. FoxPro 2.1                                        D. Ingress
Ans: B

18. Report generators are used to

A. store data input by a user                          B. retrieves information from files
C. answer queries                                         D. both b and c
Ans: D

19. A form defined

A. where data is placed on the screen
B. the width of each field
C. both a and b
D. none of the above
Ans: A

20. A top-to-bottom relationship among the items in a database is established by a

A. hierarchical schema                         B. network schema
C. relational schema                             D. all of the above
Ans: A

21.. After you _____ a record, many data management the environments require you to issue a command to save the changes you made.

A. Delete                                        B. Update
C. Sort key                                     D .Index
Ans: B

22 . What is the language used by most of the DBMSs for helping their users to access data?  

A. High level language                          B. Query language
C. SQL                                                D.4GL
Ans: B

23. Data item characteristics that are important in data management include

A. punctuation                                             B. language
C. spelling                                                   D. width
Ans: D

24. A locked file can be

A. accessed by only one user
B. modified by users with the correct password
C. is used to hide sensitive information
D. both (b) and (c)
Ans: A

25. In SQL, which command is used to make permanent changes made by statements issue since the beginning of a transaction?

A.ZIP                                              B. PACK
C. COMMIT                                  D.SAVE
Ans: C

26. Periodically adding, changing and deleting file records is called file

A. Updating                                   B. upgrading
C. restructuring                              D. renewing
Ans: A

27. Sort/report generators

A. are faster than index/report generators
B. require more disk space than index/report generators
C. do not need to sort before generating a report
D. both (a) and (b)
Ans: B

28. A Database Language Concerned With The Definition Of The Whole Database Structure And Schema Is ________

A. DCL                                                B. DML
C. DDL                                                D. All Of Above
Ans: C

29. Which Of The Field Has Width 8 Bytes?

A. Memo                                             B. Number
C. Date/time                                        D. Hyperlink
Ans: C

30. Which Of The Following Statement Is True?

A. Foreign Key Fields Don\'t Allow Duplicate Values
B. In Primary Key Field You Can Enter Duplicate Value
C. In An Indexed Field You May Or May Not Enter Duplicate Value Depending Upon Setting
D. All Statements Are True
Ans: C

31. Following Is Not A Database Model

A. Network Database Model
B. Relational Database Model
C. Object Oriented Database Model
D. None
Ans: D

32. Microsoft Access Is A

A. RDBMS                                           B. OODBMS
C. ORDBMS                                        D. Network Database Model
Ans: A

33. DCL Provides Commands To Perform Actions Like

A.Change The Structure Of Tables
B. Insert, Update Or Delete Records And Data Values
C. Authorizing Access And Other Control Over Database
D. None Of Above
Ans: C

34. The Database Language That Allows You To Access Or Maintain Data In A Database

A. DCL                                                 B. DML
C. DDL                                                 D. None Of Above
Ans: A

35. What Is The Maximum Length A Text Field Can Be?

A. 120                                                B. 255
C. 265                                                D. 75
Ans: B

36. In order to use a DBMS, it is important to understand

A. the physical schema
B.   all sub-schemas that the system supports
C.   one subschema
D. both (a) and (b)
Ans: C

37. In SQL, which command(s) is(are) used to recompile a stored function?

A.SET FUNCTION                        B. SET STORED FUNCTION
C. ALTER FUNCTION                  D. All of the above
Ans: C

38. Report generators are used to

A. store data input by a user
B. retrieve information from files
C. answer queries
D. both (b) and (c)
Ans: D

39. Which of the following is not true of the traditional approach to information processing?

A. there is common sharing of data among the various applications
B. it is file oriented
C. are dependent on the file
D. it is inflexible
Ans: A

40. Which of the following hardware component is the most important to the operation of database management system?

A. high resolution video display
B. printer
C. high speed, large capacity disk
D. plotter e. mouse
Ans: C

41.  Generalized database management system do not retrieve data to meet routine request

A         True                                      B. false
Ans: B

42. Batch processing is appropriate if

A. large computer system is available
B. only a small computer system is available
C. only a few transactions are involved
D. all of the above
E. none of the above
Ans: E

43. In SQL, which command(s) is(are) used to enable/disable a database trigger?

A.MODIFY USER                 B. CHANGE USER
C. ALTER USER                    D. All of the above
Ans: C

44. If the record management system allows you to edit values before they are recorded on disk, you can

A. correct spelling changes before they are recorded
B. change the name of a field
C. change the width of a field
D. All of the above 
Ans: A

45. The relational model uses some unfamiliar terminology. A tuple is equivalent to a:

A. record                             B. field
C. file                                   D. data base .
Ans: A

46. The files stored on a secondary stage device are composed of a hierarchy of data. What does a record in a file contain?

A. Bits                                    B. Characters
C. Data field                           D. Schema
Ans: C

47. A __________ Enables You To View Data From A Table Based On A Specific Criterion

A. Form                                 B. Query
C. Macro                               D. Report
Ans: B

48. What Are The Columns In A Microsoft Access Table Called?

A. Rows                       B. Records
C. Fields                       D. Columns
Ans: C

49. Which Of The Following Is Not A Type Of Microsoft Access Database Object?

A. Table                         B. Form
C. Worksheets               D. Modules
Ans: C

50. Which Of The Following Database Object Hold Data?

A. Forms                          B. Reports
C. Queries                        D. Tables

Ans: D

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